Sophia. 19. Southern California, it's like California but in the South. I used to have a much more creative description, but many things change with age. I follow back. Unless you're a porn blog in which case I'd rather not have genitals show up on my screen during lecture. Sorry, but I have suffered greatly in the past. Let's not talk about why I followed them in the first place though, we can ignore that.

This is my blog. I like to blog. Yo. Enjoy.

My Nerdy Lil Sweet Thang Doe
Title: West Coast Artist: Lana Del Rey 799,736 plays

Lana Del Rey | West Coast
First single from Ultraviolence

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school cum

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when you’re on tumblr/facebook and it’s your birthday


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i don’t care if you’re 13 or 26 on tumblr we’re all the same age

unless you are 12.9

yeah if you’re 12.9 get out

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Teaching our teammate from Japan how to twerk.

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schools have stairs so you can throw yourselves down them

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my life plan after graduating is:

  1. get an apartment
  2. find a job
  3. buy a dog
  4. figure out how credit cards work
  5. prepare for the great robot wars
  6. fight in the great robot wars

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okay I always see the popular pictures and gifs of him being a badass but seeing him in his natural habitat is awesome as heck

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